The 10 Commandments of writing a dissertation

Bid 1: You shall not postpone the writing!


Set deadline, write workload (5 pages per day, with our technology)

Tip: Mach! – 68 techniques against procrastination – Silvio Gerlach

Bid 2: You should never write off without immediate source!

A very simple principle: Written sentence / paragraph, source set (footnote clip). No excuses!

Bid 3 Thou shalt original text passages always reformulate (paraphrasing)!

Who is quoted many passages from literature literally: I ‘m either too lazy

incorporate the strange thoughts in my chain of reasoning or I can not. Who wants to stand as lazy or incompetent…

Bid 4: You should always write factual and impersonal!

No I or MY or WE, avoid”man”, no enthusiastic notation (great, wonderful, etc.), no superlatives (the word is always very redundant!)

Tip: clean text at the end of such words

Bid 5: You should always strive : A thought – one set!

Applies to any kind of writing but especially for writing scientific texts

Simple solution: not more than 2 commas in a sentence

Bid 6: You should be prepared to discard Written always!

So be brave : Easy to formulate keywords. Do not put any expression to weigh. Better grind behind or just discard.

Bid 8: Thou shalt not write until the day of delivery! Be finished with writing 2 weeks prior to delivery. Tip: follow-up project as world travel, marriages, job, etc.

Bid 9: You shall celebrate each individual intermediate success!

List of rewards is helpful, rewards can also be bundled, for the evening every 90 min or 2 h about 10 to 15 min break!

Bid 10: Thou shalt not be caught dead without plagiarism check, proofreading and printing your sample text! Who does not do that, negligent and endangers trading his entire project.