3 Tips for Effective Proofreading : A Close Look instead blindness

Done, your text is ready. Now you need to proofread it just yet. The problem is that the famous tunnel vision. Who can memorize the formulations already own, the words added automatically from memory rather than reading them correctly. And then you slip by the error between the fingers.

Tip # 1: Do not trust your spell checker

Maybe you thought it so far is sufficient to run the spell checker in your word processing program on the text ? I have to disappoint you. Especially if a text is revised several times, it often happens that an incorrect grammatical ending stops (eg the place of the, examples rather than examples) that a word is missing or is a double. And many misspellings found another word that is naturally evaluated by the spell checker to be correct (eg are since held that the place ). This means for you, you must already have myself ran.

Tip # 2 : Read the text aloud

The reading aloud automatically slows down your reading speed. Misspellings and particularly duplicate or missing words you fall so in a rather.

Tip # 3: Make special correction passages

Focus proofreading succession on certain aspects, and in particular your typical sources of error. In one session, pay close attention to the punctuation, the next etc. Once you come to the smallest doubt on the upper and lower case, you need to review.