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Content writing for essays

Unfortunately it is not possible to every young person, without any special effort to write excellent texts. Many a student has to edit the essay writing its problems, pithy text or write a sophisticated essay.

Customize content for essay

If you want to achieve as a essayger regularly a large number of visitors, you should set constantly new content, so that your essay is interesting for the visitors. The same is true for the social network” Twitter”, make the regularly updated entries only comments interesting.

Write essay posts targeted

Not only in school a good text is required, but the internet will be filled with good content, so that valuable information is relevant to users. Also Guides portals are now happy supplemented in the form of essay posts and updates. If you personally want to create an interesting and informative essay post, you must first around the topic of research well. These are books, magazines and the Internet. By appropriate search terms, important information can be collected and also the topic with own professional experience, for example SHapINg. Again, the targeted letter to the rules of text types should be considered.

Development topics for essay topic

Have you already found a topic about which you want to inform the reader, you should find an appropriate motto for the title, which already contains the core statement. A newspaper article – but also a essay post – can be used by a”W” questions of the development of the whole text.

Questions about actions you : who, what, where, by what means, how, when and why a thing has happened and what will be the solution. To open up the issue, the general reference works, articles in journals, newspapers and specialized publications may also serve as useful sources. But even the local libraries and archives as well as for several years various online databases with interesting sites can also be used as valuable sources of information.

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The 10 Commandments of writing a dissertation

Bid 1: You shall not postpone the writing!


Set deadline, write workload (5 pages per day, with our technology)

Tip: Mach! – 68 techniques against procrastination – Silvio Gerlach

Bid 2: You should never write off without immediate source!

A very simple principle: Written sentence / paragraph, source set (footnote clip). No excuses!

Bid 3 Thou shalt original text passages always reformulate (paraphrasing)!

Who is quoted many passages from literature literally: I ‘m either too lazy

incorporate the strange thoughts in my chain of reasoning or I can not. Who wants to stand as lazy or incompetent…

Bid 4: You should always write factual and impersonal!

No I or MY or WE, avoid”man”, no enthusiastic notation (great, wonderful, etc.), no superlatives (the word is always very redundant!)

Tip: clean text at the end of such words

Bid 5: You should always strive : A thought – one set!

Applies to any kind of writing but especially for writing scientific texts

Simple solution: not more than 2 commas in a sentence

Bid 6: You should be prepared to discard Written always!

So be brave : Easy to formulate keywords. Do not put any expression to weigh. Better grind behind or just discard.

Bid 8: Thou shalt not write until the day of delivery! Be finished with writing 2 weeks prior to delivery. Tip: follow-up project as world travel, marriages, job, etc.

Bid 9: You shall celebrate each individual intermediate success!

List of rewards is helpful, rewards can also be bundled, for the evening every 90 min or 2 h about 10 to 15 min break!

Bid 10: Thou shalt not be caught dead without plagiarism check, proofreading and printing your sample text! Who does not do that, negligent and endangers trading his entire project.

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3 Tips for Effective Proofreading : A Close Look instead blindness

Done, your text is ready. Now you need to proofread it just yet. The problem is that the famous tunnel vision. Who can memorize the formulations already own, the words added automatically from memory rather than reading them correctly. And then you slip by the error between the fingers.

Tip # 1: Do not trust your spell checker

Maybe you thought it so far is sufficient to run the spell checker in your word processing program on the text ? I have to disappoint you. Especially if a text is revised several times, it often happens that an incorrect grammatical ending stops (eg the place of the, examples rather than examples) that a word is missing or is a double. And many misspellings found another word that is naturally evaluated by the spell checker to be correct (eg are since held that the place ). This means for you, you must already have myself ran.

Tip # 2 : Read the text aloud

The reading aloud automatically slows down your reading speed. Misspellings and particularly duplicate or missing words you fall so in a rather.

Tip # 3: Make special correction passages

Focus proofreading succession on certain aspects, and in particular your typical sources of error. In one session, pay close attention to the punctuation, the next etc. Once you come to the smallest doubt on the upper and lower case, you need to review.